Dear Valued Client:

We have updated and put several additional safety/disinfection measures in
place at our salon since we have reopened to ensure a safe and efficient
appointment for you. again, we ask for your patience during this time as we
navigate through these unique times to be able to maintain the highest level
of customer service we are known for.


1.​ ​ please arrive unaccompanied, unless you require assistance or are a
minor. sorry your canine buddies will need to stay home.
2. ​ ​please call us if:

  1. ​ ​you are not feeling well and experiencing covid symptoms (sore
    throat, runny nose, fever, and or having difficulties breathing) please
    let us know so we can help you reschedule your appointment. our
    cancellation policy is suspended temporarily
  2. you have traveled outside of canada in the past 14 days
  3. had close contact with any one with covid
  4. you have been legally required to self isolate

3. ​ ​masks are now mandated. please wear one when entering our salon (if
you’ve forgotten, we have extras!) * we may ask you to change into our masks
if you are having a colour service

4. ​ ​due to the close proximity required to render services in our industry,
our staff will also be required to stay home if they exhibit symptoms or have
been ​exposed to someone with​ covid. we ask for your patience and
understanding in rescheduling clients due to such occurrences as our goal
is to make sure that your visit with us is as safe as possible.

5. ​ ​food/drinks- we ask that you do not drink or eat inside our salon as you
will be unmasked.


  1. ​if you arrive early, please remain in your car until closer to your
    appointment time . please note that there are no waiting areas in the salon.
  2. you will be greeted by a staff member who will then ask for you to:
    -wash your hands
    -answer covid intake questions
    -have your temperature checked
    -and then asked to change into our laundered gowns*there will be barriers in the changing rooms to separate your coats,
    jackets, tops, etc from other client’s belongings

    -we will be providing disinfected plastic boxes for you to put your purses,
    bags, personal belongings which will be placed at your stylist/technician’s

    -guest washrooms are cleaned after every use


1.​ ​ you may notice modifications to our retail area. we have moved our
shelves closer to the front to better serve you. please let us know if you’d
like to purchase any product, any staff member will be happy to help you !

2.​ ​there are plexiglass barriers on our reception desk to provide safety
during payment and scheduling appointments.

3. payment- we are accepting visa, mastercard, debit and cash (all touch
points are disinfected before and after you leave us)


  1. our staff have been retrained on essential infection control(cleaning
    and disinfecting) and hand hygiene
  2. clean and disinfect all surfaces and tools
  3. appropriate personal protective equipment are worn at all times
    (masks and goggles)
  4. as always, all towels, gowns, and capes are freshly laundered after
    every use
  5. all high touch areas are disinfected (door handles, reception counter,
    debit machines, stylist and shampoo chairs, plastic containers for your
    belongings, hangers, barriers )
  6. staff will complete a daily self- assessment along with a temperature
    check at the beginning of each day. all our staff will be required to
    self isolate if symptoms exist and will be required to take a covid test
  7. commercial grade plastic curtains have been installed between
    workstations and wash basins
  8. to av​oid traffic in the salon, we have​ staggered appointments
  9. floor markings on the floor to assist clients with navigating
    space. this is to ensure physical distancing inside and outside
  10. client and staff traffic inside our salon is carefully monitored

We want you to know how much we value and appreciate everyone and are
grateful for all your continued support and encouragement. as we
navigate this uncharted territory together and restructure our business to
meet current requirements, we want you to know that your safety and
satisfaction is always our first priority.

Please feel free to email or phone us if you have any question regarding our
guidelines and protocols.